Common Questions


Can I purchase bulk quantities of Mercer + James products?

Whether purchasing corporate gifts or loading up for the holidays, sometimes you just need to buy in bulk! If you’re interested in purchasing large quantities of any of our products, please use our contact form to reach out and see if we can help.

I've read the product description, but I still have questions. How can I get answers before I buy?

We only carry the best. Best materials, best construction, best style. If you’ve looked at the images and read the information, but we still haven’t answered some of your questions about an item, please reach out and contact us for more information.  Just be sure to reference which item(s) you’re curious about, and we’ll be happy to elaborate.

How do I care for my new shaving set?

Just like any metal object, no matter how well made, humidity can lead to corrosion.  To keep your shaving set looking great for years to come, wipe water away after use and store on a dry surface. For shaving brushes, rinse thoroughly after use, aligning the bristles, and hang upside down on a stand to allow moisture to drip away, keeping your bristles in great condition and fighting off the risk of mold/mildew.

What hat size should I order?

You can easily determine your hat size by referencing the hat sizing chart page.

How do I care for my hat?

Even the best items can get worn or dirty with use.  To keep your hat looking fantastic, it is best to clean it regularly with a soft-bristled hat brush and it store it with a hat stretcher when it gets wet from weather, humidity, or perspiration. You can lightly spot clean with a gentle cleanser, but don’t use bleach, and never, ever, EVER put your hat in the washer! We’ll include directions for care with every purchase, but if something really messy happens, it's best to take it to a professional cleaner with experience in fine millinery.


What are my options for shipping?

Every order over $100 gets free standard shipping! For all other orders, or for priority mail service, the shipping and handling are based on the amount you order, as well as the delivery speed you select:

Value of OrderUSPS Standard PostUSPS Priority Mail
$0.00 - 25.00 $8.95 $9.95
$25.01 - 50.00 $10.95 $12.95
$50.01 - 75.00 $13.95 $15.95
$75.01 - 100.00 $15.95 $17.95
$100.01 - 150.00 free shipping $18.95
$150.01 - 200.00 free shipping $20.95
$200.01 - 300.00 free shipping $22.95
$300.00 + free shipping $24.95

How long does shipping take?

We use the United States Postal Service Standard Post, and shipping time will depend on shipping distance.  Our goal is to process your order within 2-5 business days of receipt, at which point you will receive a tracking number allowing you to monitor the progress of your package and verify when to expect it at your door.

Where do you ship?

We currently ship anywhere within the 48 contiguous states. 

What happens if my package is undelivered?

We aren't able to reship packages that have been returned to us by the carrier.  All undelivered packages will be processed as a return, forfeiting the cost of shipping.  Please keep this in mind when you are selecting your shipping address.

Ordering and Payment

What forms of payment do you accept?

We currently accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal.

Can I change my order?

Unfortunately once your order is placed, we cannot make changes to it.  Please carefully review the information on our checkout page before submitting your order.

Do you offer gift cards?

We’re working on it. We want to make sure that the Mercer + James gift card experience is just as seamless as any other payment. To make sure you’re updated when we roll out the M + J gift card, sign up for our email newsletter.


What is your return policy?

For hygienic reasons, we have to be sticklers to our rules for returns and exchanges. Before you purchase, please carefully read our return policy here.