1920’s Gillette Luxury Sterling Silver Razor Set

After WWI, safety razors became a commonplace item enjoyed by all social classes. At the top rungs of high society, though, everyday items just wouldn't do. This sterling silver razor set would have fallen into the luxury category, made in very small batches for Tiffany and Co. starting in 1917. Made of the finest silver and decorated with intricate detail, it was made more for its beauty than any other factor. Sets such as this are incredibly rare, and not much information is known about their creation as they were never sold in catalogs like their less expensive brethren.

Though we know sets such as this began selling in 1917 after the end of the war, we estimate this particular model to be from sometime in the mid-1920's. Earlier models had more ornate and flourished details to reflect the remaining styles of the Victorian era, but the smooth lines and more modernized styling of the case and handle here reflect influence of the Art Deco movement, which affected everything from architecture to the details on fine jewelry and art objects. The razor head and telescoping handle screw apart to neatly fit inside the case, along with several replacement blades.

Please note: The dating and source of any of our items in Vintage LTD is an estimate, and not a guarantee. They are meant as collector's items, appreciated for their historical and aesthetic value, and not recommended for use.


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