Traditional Dovo 6/8" Straight Razor

A straight razor shave is the ultimate tool in elevating your daily ritual to an art form, achieving the closest and smoothest shave possible. This traditional straight razor is made by Dovo, one of the oldest names in the craft. They've made some of the world's finest razors in the small German town of Solingen continuously since 1906, and have perfected the art of crafting the world's best razors. When properly maintained, a Dovo straight razor of this level is not only an item of heirloom-quality beauty, but also the last razor you'll ever need.

  • Bears the beautiful Encina mark on the handle
  • 6/8" blade is fantastic for any skill level
  • Lightweight Spanish oak handle is both beautiful and durable
  • Full hollow ground blade allows the thinnest, sharpest blade edge to produce the perfect cut
  • Stainless steel guards against corrosion, and a mirror-like polish adds to its long-lasting beauty¬†

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