Thiers-Issard 6/8" Black Horn Straight Razor

A straight razor shave is the ultimate tool in elevating your daily ritual to an art form, achieving the closest and smoothest shave possible. Thiers-Issard is the height of quality and style in the world of straight razors, creating beautiful tools of heirloom quality in their French workshop since the mid-1800's. This blade is a fully-hollowed "singing" razor, named for the sound the blade makes when shaving or stropping the blade. When properly maintained, a Thiers-Issard straight razor of this level is not only an item of heirloom-quality beauty, but also the last razor you'll ever need.

  • 6/8" blade is a fantastic mid-size to accommodate any skill level
  • Square nose profile
  • File jimps on the lower edge of the shank provide a secure grip
  • Blade made from the very highest quality Sheffield Silver Steel
  • Lightweight black horn handle is both beautiful and durable
  • Full hollow ground blade allows the thinnest, sharpest blade edge to produce the perfect cut
  • Stainless steel guards against corrosion, and a mirror-like polish adds to its long-lasting beauty
  • "Loup et Bellier" trademark is applied with 24k gold overlay
  • Made in the historic Thiers-Issard workshop and imported from France
  • 6/8" blade is fantastic for any skill level

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