Shaping and detail shaving for a well-groomed face

As different levels of facial hair have become increasingly popular, men are shirking their razors and curating their own facial forest. Embracing facial hair, however, doesn't mean that you should should stop shaving! Instead, to create a controlled beard or mustache we recommend the use of a detailing razor. Our favorite, and the one we carry, is a modified version of a double edged safety razor, with a wider side for large shaving passes, and a smaller side for careful and controlled detailing work. As you shave, we recommend short, light strokes with the safety razor, called the 'chiseling' or shaping method. This is especially good for men grooming their beard because it allows you to shave without going too deep into the beard line and ruining the shape. As with any classic shaving regimen, to prevent irritation you should follow the grain for the first pass, then shave against or across the grain after lathering up for a second pass with your classic razor.

If you prefer a more traditional shaving method, you can shave with a straight razor, which will work well whether you have thick or fine hair. A straight razor also makes carving lines in the beard easier to accomplish than with a more common shaving razor with a cartridge head. Remember to maintain at least a 30-degree angle when using your straight razor, and never lay the razor flat to the face because this creates friction. Be careful, take your time with your classic shave, and enjoy a well-groomed mustache or beard!


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