The Van Alen Deco: profile of our first shaving set

The year was 2010, and we were newly moved to New York City. In a place where your apartment is the size of a Midwestern garage, your priority for good design shifts to the forefront. If you only have a limited amount of space, it becomes vital that you truly love every object that gets to share that space with you. It wasn't long before the objects that we used every day came under closer scrutiny, and one of the first was Michael's old shaving set - if you could call it that. In reality it was a badly designed plastic razor bordering on disposable, and it was really ugly.

He dove headfirst into the search for a new men's shaving set, but was very unhappy with the design and quality proposition of the big men's shaving store chains. That's when the pencils came out, and the design process began. A month or so later, our apartment was covered in sketches of classic shaving sets, samples of old-school shaving brushes, and other signs of the creative quest for the perfect traditional shaving tools. The first men's shaving set that we brought to fruition was the Van Alen Deco set, named for the architect William Van Alen who designed the Chrysler building. We figured the art deco building foretold great things to come for New York City, and this shaving set would be the first of several great things that we hoped to bring to the morning shave of dapper men across the city and elsewhere.

When we think back to the inspiration for our first classic shaving set, we knew we wanted not only a design that was versatile and timeless, but a quality in the shaving stand and shaving brush that would hold up over time. We're really proud that we've held all our products to the same high standards, from our classic safety razors from Solingen, Germany, to the pre-shave oil that we make right here in NYC. We hope that our classic shaving tools will enhance your bathroom and your morning ritual, whether you're in tight quarters in the big city, or an expansive space elsewhere. Let's all focus on quality and good design, and keep the classic shaving traditions alive!


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