The shaving mug: perfect for any shaving style

Shaving mugs are the best men's grooming tool available, they really are. Whether you're a hard-core straight razor aficionado, a dapper safety razor jockey, or simply someone who appreciates the style of a classic shaving set for men, the shaving mug can be a useful stand-by shaving tool. First and foremost, it's really the only way to get the perfect lather with your shaving brush, whether you use old-school shaving soap or a more modern shaving cream. Whipping the bristles around in your mug to work up that perfect foam is not only more effective, but a sort of zen ritual to enhance your morning. It also keeps things contained, whether being used with a shaving brush, or simply for rinses between swipes with your safety razor. Instead of having a sink full of cream and whiskers, your shaving mug keeps the clean-up to an absolute minimum. At Mercer + James we carry (and swear by) apothecary-style shaving mugs, which are over-sized for easy access, and have a ball-type handle for a comfortable grip. So whether you're a long-time classic shaving fan, or a relative newbie trying out your first shaving set, grab that shaving mug and enjoy your morning! Viva la shaving mug!


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