Why natural shaving products are better

In a market rife with greenwashing, we've all been overwhelmed by the constant flow of words like "natural", "eco-friendly" and "green" among many other descriptors that may not mean anything at all. It didn't take the big brands (or more accurately their marketing departments) long to catch on, and with a few quick changes to packaging - voila, the exact same lab-created, processed, chemical-laden product is touted as a "natural" product. How do they get away with doing this to the public?

The skincare industry is largely unregulated, which means that the fragrances, preservatives, and other additives go largely untested. More than most other products, skincare is an important place to choose safe and simple products, because the skin absorbs ingredients directly into the body. This is even more important when focusing on shaving your face, as your skin is more susceptible after exposure to a shaving razor than at any other time. They don't just stay in the skin, they get into your bloodstream and accumulate in your soft tissues over time. Think you'll purge yourself of those extra chemicals on your next juice cleanse? Think again.

We at Mercer + James take old-school simplicity seriously. From our shaving sets for men that feature hand-knotted badger bristle brushes to our all-natural classic shaving oil, we want to offer products that are not only beautiful and effective, but are safe - the kind of shaving products that your great-grandfather would have found in his cabinet. Our classic shaving oil is a great example - made of all natural oils and no additives, and always produced in small batches by hand to ensure the best quality. Improve your daily shave, and ensure your shaving products are safe and made to serve you well in the long-run. 


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