Proper care for your shaving brush

We love classic shaving brushes here at Mercer + James. They're not only great for your skin and incredibly useful in getting a close shave, but a well-designed shaving brush is also a thing of beauty. It will add a touch of classic style to your bathroom - an element that you can enjoy beyond the time you spend shaving.

If properly cared for, a great quality shaving brush will continue to look good and perform well for years. But what what does it mean to properly care for a classic shaving brush?

  • Shampoo the brush in warm water before your first use, using the same shampoo that you use to wash your own hair.
  • Wash your brush well with warm water after each shave.
  • To avoid mildew growing in your shaving brush bristles, store it somewhere that it can get good air circulation. Don't put a wet shaving brush away in your medicine cabinet!
  • After each use, don't leave your shaving brush sitting on its base. It needs to be stored on a proper shaving brush stand to allow any remaining water move away from the bristles and evaporate.

Hopefully these tips will help you properly care for your classic shaving brush, and keep it in top condition for years. Remember, it isn't unusual to see a few hairs fall out a new brush the couple times that you use it. Any more than that, however, and there may be a problem with the brush. To find your perfect classic shaving brush, check out our great selection both within our classic shaving sets for men, and our classic silvertip badger hair shaving brushes.


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