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Classic Merkur safety razors

While our store is firmly rooted online, we periodically show off our classic shaving collection at the Brooklyn Flea event. You have to interact with other humans sometimes, right? When we're walking around and looking at the other small shops, we get especially excited to find vintage and antique shaving tools at some of the antique dealers that frequent the event. We're used to seeing certain things - vintage signage with chipper slogans, ancient shaving brushes that look a little worse for the wear, and assorted straight razors and safety razors that have been relegated to the collectibles market by a modern world that tends to focus on cheap, disposable solutions. The little known fact is, however, that the safety razors in particular can easily be cleaned up and with a new blade will work as beautifully as the day they were made. Why is this?

There are in fact many reasons these old models are so long-lasting, but the biggest factor is this: sold metal. Even after decades of use and abuse, these solid metal safety razors can keep on trucking more than any contemporary counterpart. Even if their finish gets chipped or tarnished, a thorough cleaning can bring these classic shaving tools back up to snuff because of their dependable build. It's because of this that we choose to carry a select assortment of classic Merkur safety razors. Regardless of their finish, the solid metal parts underneath will last for ages. Who knows, perhaps one day a smart vintage shopper will find one of our razors in a collectible mart, brush it off, and put it right back into use. That's what's possible when things are made properly, and we believe that's the way it should be.

Shop our collection, and find your own quality safety razor to last for years to come.


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