About a Beard

Many men are jumping on the facial hair bandwagon lately, but think that a great looking beard just comes from a lack of shaving. A truly dapper, well-cultivated beard comes from careful grooming and care, just like a freshly shaven face does. If you want to try out a beard, but look more cultivated and dapper than roving mountain man, there are a couple quick tips that can help.

First off, having a beard doesn't mean not shaving. Your beard will likely grow in an uneven line, and even be asymmetrical. The best way to tame and clean facial hair is with the right tools; we recommend using a mustache and beard razor to keep things in check. What’s so great about this tool is that it has the durability and heft of a classic safety razor, and gets a much closer and more accurate shave than a cartridge, but is scaled and sized for detailed shaving.

It’s also important to remember that you have delicate skin under that beard that needs care. Before you shave, even small detailing on your beard, you should always take a hot shower first to open your pores and soften the beard. Then be sure to start and finish with classic shaving oil, which will not only reduce shaving irritation, but keep the skin under your beard moisturized and healthy. If you take care of this covered skin, it will be healthy and clear when the hot months come and you’re ready to shave it all away.

Finally, when you have a beard it becomes even more important that you use natural products on your face. No matter how carefully you rinse, you’re guaranteed to have some residual bits of product in your beard, and therefore held against your delicate facial skin all day long. Along with shaving oil, we recommend sticking with natural shaving products like all-natural shaving soap. This will keep your skin clear, happy, and healthy, letting you enjoy a beard you’re happy to show off and not hide behind.


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